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Calgary Sugar Baby Caitlin Shares Her Sugar Daddy Dating Story

Caitlin's sugar daddy set up flights and a hotel for her to see him. During the first dinner date, he suggested a "girlfriend" kind of arrangement where he would give her what she needed to live comfortably, but she would have to move to his place.

He told her he wouldn't provide a monthly allowance but was set up living quarters how she wanted, let her have access to his cars and beach houses. He would take her shopping whenever she wanted and give her money for what she needed. The only thing she had to do was pretend to be his girlfriend, which meant meeting his friends and family and go to events he wanted to go to.

Caitlin appreciated the offer but turned him down. For her, she wanted a set allowance and her own life.

She met another young man – a handsome, successful entrepreneur. He wasn't looking for a set-allowance sugar baby Canada either, but he did want a no-strings-attached girlfriend to go with him to various events he would completely pay for. Caitlin would be on-call and drop everything she was doing for him when he wanted to go. It was another kind of relationship she wasn't into, so it was also a no.

Most sugar daddies are males wanting a relationship where they take care of their other half, which includes taking care of her financially and treating it like royalty.

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