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How To Ask Your Sugar Daddy Calgary For Your Sugar Baby Allowance

As a sugar baby, you try to make your services affordable to the many different sugar daddies that are out there. However, you want to take the time with you worthwhile too. Settling on an amount is tricky, but it’s important to remember that you can ask for hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. So, what is it you need to consider when you’re asking your sugar daddy Calgary for your sugar baby allowance?

Realize Your Worth

There are a lot of traps in this world, but the most dangerous one does not know what you are worth. You may define yourself by a number, but it is not who you are. Your allowance should not be based on looks, age, ethnicity, and education level.

Your allowance is the price you set for the investment and the contribution you’re giving your sugar daddy. The number you determine should be something your sugar daddy is comfortable with paying and you accepting.

What Factors Affect Your Sugar Allowance?

What Amount Is Enough For You?

All sugar babies have their own goals and needs. Do you need money to supplement your income? If that’s the goal, you don’t need a sugar daddy for them for it. However, if you want money to cover your lifestyle or pay for tuition, then the sugar daddy lifestyle may be the right thing for you.

A monthly sugar baby allowance runs about $3,000 but can vary from $1,000 to $5,000. To decide what your allowance is, develop a monthly budget, and find what sum is enough for you to live, pay bills and put money into a savings account.

Be prepared to negotiate your sugar baby allowance.

How Much Can He Afford?

Sugar babies assume that sugar daddies are wealthier beyond wealth – millionaires and billionaires, but it’s not true in most cases. Remember, sugar daddies often have lives that include children. They may be saving their money for their children’s education. You also need to consider the location – where the arrangement is agreed upon. Do some research into your sugar daddy before asking for a particular amount.

Know The Arrangement’s Terms

What kind of arrangement do you have – time, the relationship itself, exclusivity, etc. The more time spent with your sugar daddy, the higher the amount you should get. If you’re expected to be available at a moment’s notice, you should have an allowance that factors that in.

Once you have a number, let your sugar daddy know it. They’ll either agree to it or won’t, but either way, they’ll appreciate the honesty you have.


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