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Sugar Baby Allowance: Negotiation Tips for a Sugar Baby

Every Sugar Baby in Calgary – and by this we mean 100% of Sugar Babies out there – are in it for the money. It is considered un-ladylike in many cultures for women to talk about money with strange men.

That's the wrong way to look at it.

Yes, being a Sugar Baby Canada is not the same as being a prostitute, hooker or escort, and it is more about trading your companionship for gifts and allowances.

And whether you're happy or not as a Sugar Baby will depend on your Sugar Baby Allowance.

Here are Negotiation Tips for Sugar Babies – How to Get a Sugar Baby Allowance You Deserve

Tip #1: Don’t discuss the allowance on your first date.

The first date should be about impressing your Calgary Sugar Daddy, and not about any negotiation about money. That could put him off completely and he may decline to see you again.

A genuine Sugar Daddy Canada, someone who is truly interested in you will bring up the talk of the allowance himself. If he mentions the allowance on the first date, that means he is interested in Sugar Daddy- Sugar Baby relationship with you. If he doesn't, that means he is either a time-waster or is not interested in you.

In any case, don't bring up the topic of Sugar Baby Allowance yourself. Wait for him to mention it. Then you can negotiate.

Tip #2: Don’t be shy to ask for more money.

The first step in salary negotiations in any job is to ask for the raise. You won't believe how many people find this to be the most difficult thing in the world.

If asking the Sugar Daddy for a raise or a higher monthly allowance or gift allowance makes you a bit nervous, then take your time and practice what you're going to say.

Write down the exact words, and repeat them again and again until you can recite them comfortably, almost like a trained actress. Really, what's the worst that could happen?

Sugar daddies in Calgary may not agree to the raise, in which case you can move on to someone else who will. As simple as that!

Tip #3: Don’t Look Desperate.

Even if you need a better Sugar Baby Allowance real bad, don't let it show on your face. Remember, more than 90% of communication is non-verbal – if you are anxious, that will show on your face or reflect on your body language, hand gestures or expressions.

Ask for more money when you've been dating for a month or so, and do it subtly. The best way to do it is to ask for a raise on the phone, not in a face to face meeting. This way you will not appear to be too self-conscious and can negotiate calmly.

Tip #4: Do Your Research on the Sugar Daddy.

You should do your research on how much the Sugar Daddy is worth and how much he makes. This will give you a good idea of how much of a Sugar Baby Allowance to expect from him.

Ask him about his business or profession and do your research about how much a successful person in line of work or business makes. Is he just an employee or does he have his own business? What's his position in the company he works for?

Is he single or married? Does he have kids? Is he divorced, and has to pay for child support? Does he live in his own house? Where is his house located? What's the average value of homes in that area?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of the range of the Sugar Baby Allowance you can expect, whether it's $1,000/month, $2,000/ month, $3,000/month, or even $5,000/month.

Good luck!

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